Wednesday, December 9, 2015

A Scandalous Christmas

Today I was listening to the radio and I heard a song with these lyrics that I can't get out of my head. (I got 5 bonus points for anyone who knows the song!)

"It's nothing less than SCANDALOUS, that Jesus took our place. " 

You know, I heard once that Christianity is the only religion that claims that their God came down from the Heavens and became a human. I think about that often - especially when I feel lonely. Because it tells you a lot about what kind of God He is. I've heard God described with many different words...but this was the first time I had heard Him described as "Scandalous." And I love it. 

For one, God's humility is so scandalous. When we think of how big He really is, it is absolutely scandalous that He humbled Himself so much that He became one of the creatures that He created. 

Imagine a baker, with all his baking talents, knowledge and creative abilities became the spoon that he mixed his batter with...because he wanted to know and feel and experience what it was like to be a spoon. How humble would that baker be to do such a thing!  

Becoming a spoon seems pointless, but really we are just like a spoon in God's hands. Anything we do is only because He created us with the ability to do it. God became a helpless baby because He wanted to know and feel and experience what it was like to be human. His love for us is so great and so scandalous that He gave up His life for us and became one of us to show us the way of love. Christmas is the most scandalous love story ever told. I'm starting to like this story. Being a holy  scandalous lover means 3 things:

3 ways to Love Scandalously this Christmas:

1. Take a risk 
Get to know this God who became a human. Take 5 minutes in prayer every day leading up to Christmas and see if this scandalous God has anything to tell you. Silence goes a long way in prayer. Listen to how He wants you to love others in your life and go for it!

2. Give until it hurts.
Giving doesn't just mean money. More often than not it means giving your time and full attention to someone. Put down your phone,  dig down deep and give more than you think your even capable. People need your heart, don't be afraid to share it.

3. Be courageous! 
Go above and beyond what you might normally do for someone else and watch what God will do. When you do something that takes courage it's exhilarating, even if you fail! Be real with somebody that you care about this Christmas. Life is too short to keep it in.

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